As a business owner, do you feel like you are in the back seat and your business has control, dictating your life from the driver’s seat?

We know this an alignment problem, all too common.

It is usually because you do not have clarity and direction with personal goals and they aren’t aligned with your business goals.   The business goals take priority and your personal income and freedom goals are not achieved, they take a back seat.

A loss of motivation

One symptom, of many, of your personal and business goals not being aligned is losing the motivation for your business.  You do it because you have to, not because you are passionate.  You lose the reason why you started your business.  It is now just a JOB.

How can you get motivated about the purpose and direction of the business if it’s not the purpose and direction you want personally?

At first, a business owner will question why we begin the goal-setting process by asking them to identify and document their personal goals. We explain that once we have clarity and purpose on the personal goals, income and freedom, we can start working to align the business purpose with your personal goals!  Transitioning your business from a job to an investment. 

Business goals should align with and serve your personal goals

There is a stack of research focusing on the attributes of a successful and sustainable business. Two consistent attributes of a successful business are an owner that is motivated and passionate about the business. In our experience, a business owner who has clarity and direction with their personal income and freedom goals, and aligns these with the business is much more motivated and passionate in building a sustainable and successful business. 

As a business owner where are you with planning your income and freedom goals?

Is your business a job or an investment?  Is the business driving you or are you driving the business?

Contact us at Aligned 4 Growth for your gifted strategy sessions to find out how we can help you create more balance and fulfilment in your life, by achieving your income and freedom goals.

Offer 1:

Gifted 90 min Business Health and Strategy Check

Strategy session to unpack where your business is currently, where you would like your business to be(time frame) and what is getting in the way (roadblocks) and key projects to help you on the road to growth.  Identify unrealised profit in your business. 

Offer 2:

Gifted 60 min Business Owners – Personal and Business Goal Setting and Planning session.  Focus on structuring your business for growth or exist/succession to achieve personal income and freedom goals.