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Partnering with business owners in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximise their personal and professional value and potential.





Aligned 4 Growth was founded with a mission to help SME business owners and entrepreneurs manage change to achieve the next level of sustainable growth, while helping them create more balance and fulfilment in their life, achieving their personal income and freedom goals. Focuses areas of expertise are: business capability strategy for growth, leadership practices to support strategy, operational optimisation through systems, processes and innovation; and exit and succession planning. Knowing where your business is and where you want to be is a key ingredient to achieving growth; how to get there is a critical element to taking the step to the next level of sustainable growth of profit – the goal of every business.

We partner with our clients from start to finish, focusing on their needs while producing new ideas, developing effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.



As a senior executive with over 20 years of experience, Jamie has spent most of his career transforming and growing SME businesses across a broad range of industries, both nationally and internationally. During his career, Jamie has been passionate about the concept that “people make any business” and as such has led highly effective teams, managed growth and strategic change in competitive environments. Mentoring and helping others achieve personal growth – supporting and wanting others to best they can come naturally to him.

With a Master of Business Administration in Innovation and Leadership, University of Canberra, and a Thought Leaders Program member, he is both knowledgeable and experienced to partner with and will support you via a range of strategic and customised services.

Are you ready for change and to set your brand and business on the path to sustainable growth, realise your personal income and freedom goals with the Aligned Business Model?


Aligned 4 Growth partner with small-medium business owners who are committed to change and assist them in achieving their personal income and freedom goals via sustainable next-level growth, through strategy and capabilities alignment; and optimising systems and processes. We also work with business owners and leaders looking for solutions to overcome challenges holding them back from growing or expanding or exiting their businesses.


Businesses preparing for next-level growth


Businesses seeking to sell or be acquired


Business owners committed to change to achieve personal income and freedom goals


Those seeking market opportunities for growth


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“Aligned 4 Growth offers customised strategic, capabilities and systems development and implementation services with the necessary tools and expertise to help your business achieve sustainable next-level growth. “


“Applying an external set of eyes to our organisation, enabling the identification of strengths and weaknesses from that position and translating these for us in a really effective way.”

Brian M

Not For Profit

“The project was complex and multifaceted, requiring extensive future thinking and strategic analysis and planning capabilities. The project plan, research process and final recommendation report were professionally constructed and delivered with considerable sensitivity. I have no doubt we will challenge ourselves to re-think some of our taken-for-granted ways and be more innovative in order to achieve our objectives.”

Ngaire B

Professional Service