Business Owners Group Program

 Partnering with committed business owners to achieve positive change. Attain your freedom goals through focussed business learning.

Business Owner Group Program

The Aligned 4 Growth Business Group Program offers the opportunity to learn how to improve, grow or scale your business, without stress.  Less of the “book theory” and more “action” developing solutions to your business challenges.

The Aligned 4 Growth Business Group Coaching program is for business owners seeking balance and fulfilment in their life,  guidance on improving, growing and expanding their small to medium-sized business, while achieving their personal income and freedom goals through the business, supported by an intimate group of like-minded people.

Are you living your ideal ilfe? Are you in need of some clear direction?  Do you want to know what to stop doing and what you need to start doing?  Seeking a supportive group of like-minded creative small business owners that you can connect with and learn from?

Is the Business Owner Program for you?

Is this you as a business owner?

You are feeling as if you are chained to your business?

You are not getting the financial returns you expect for your efforts?

You are neglecting your health and are you feeling stressed and frustrated?

You are spending less time with family and the business is the priority?

If you are interested in growing your business, getting business freedom or getting business focus, this course could be for you. What are your goals??

I can see you have answered yes to some of the questions above. The good news is it does not have to be that way. And, in fact you are not alone! Let's chat about how this course could work for you. Let's get started!


Program overview

3 Key Areas of Business – Delivered by Business Topic Experts






Manpower (including systems)

Program Delivery Structure


Business skill sand knowledge sessions


Work peer-to-peer with other business owners (your ‘Board’)


Practical hands-on sessions, working on live projects in your business to make sure your business has the capabilities to realise commercial opportunities.


Fortnightly for 12 months

Class size

Groups are capped to 10 business owners committed to learning, challenging and development




Take a sustainable growth strategy course with Jamie

As a senior executive with over 20 years of experience, Jamie has spent most of his career transforming and growing SME businesses across a broad range of industries, both nationally and internationally. During his career, Jamie has been passionate about the concept that “people make any business” and as such has led highly effective teams, managed growth and strategic change in competitive environments. Mentoring and helping others achieve personal growth – supporting and wanting others to best they can come naturally to him.

With a Master of Business Administration in Innovation and Leadership, University of Canberra, a Thought Leaders Program member, he is both knowledgeable and experienced to partner and support you via a range of strategic and customised services.

In their pursuit of business success, many business owners simply don’t take a breather and self-reflect. Instead, they bury their heads in work for too long, forgetting to see how their role needs to evolve. They neglect to execute strategically to unchain themselves from the roles consuming their time. Most importantly they neglect themselves and the people close to them.  Life is short, it is not selfish to reward and enjoy the benefits of what you have built.

Are you ready to maximise the value in business, whilst creating balance in your life, by achieving your income and freedom goals?

“Aligned 4 Growth offers customised strategic, capabilities and systems development and implementation services with the necessary tools and expertise to help your business achieve sustainable next-level growth.”