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Right Cost Structure
Appropriate Margins
Cashflow Management


           Target Audience Understanding                  Promotion to generate leads               Conversion of Leads to Revenue 
  Product and Service Fit


Efficiency through
Systems & Processes Improvement Resource efficiency & utilisation Empowering Teams



At Aligned 4 Growth we help business owners identify and manage change to realise opportunities to achieve sustained growth, income and freedom by aligning personal goals with a business purpose,  strategy and capabilities.

We partner with and support business owners who are exhausted from being pulled in every direction and are serious about mastering the principles of what is required to improve, grow or scale their business to achieve their income and freedom goals.

Our goal is to support and provide SME business owners with knowledge, confidence, systems and processes to achieve sustainable business growth and profit leveraging the Aligned 4 Growth – 5M Business Model.  The Aligned Business Model will provide you with ALL THREE of these:

–  Income

–  Freedom

–   Scale

Knowing where your business is and where you want to be is a key ingredient to achieving growth. Understanding the process of getting to this stage is a critical element to taking the step to the next level of sustainable profit growth – the goal of every business. We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes and help take the complexity out of aligning strategy and capabilities for sustainable growth and give you the support, knowledge and resources needed to make things happen.


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- Discovery Session - Aligned Business Model

- Goal Setting - Income | Freedom:  Business as an Investment


Aligned 4 Growth was established with a specific purpose – to partner and support business owners develop clarity and purpose for their business, maximise value, creating balance and fulfilment in their life by achieving income and freedom goals. 

Our advisors have spent a career transforming and growing SME businesses across a broad range of industries, both nationally and internationally. At Aligned 4 Growth we are passionate about the concept that “people make any business” and as a business owner you will need support to build a sustainable and profitable business in today’s competitive environments.

Our methodology is based on the Aligned 4 Growth 5M Business Model that a business needs alignment across five key elements, ME, MONEY, MARKETING, MANPOWER and MEASURE.  This alignment generates the critical winning advantage and business agility required for sustained next level growth.

We help businesses owners in three ways: Clarity on their “Ideal Life” – Income and Freedom;  Align Personal Golas to their Business;  Support Business Knowledge Growth.

Our service is delivered in three formats:  Group Business Coaching Program; One to One Business Growth Program and Business Owner Accountability Sessions.



Government Grants are available to assist SME businesses to develop capabilities, skills and knowledge to realise growth opportunities.

Eligible businesses can claim up to half the cost of engaging a business growth consultant to make eligible business improvements.

We can help with the process for your business.


“Applying an external set of eyes to our organisation, enabling the identification of strengths and weaknesses from that position and translating these for us in a really effective way.”

Brian M

Not For Profit

“The project was complex and multifaceted, requiring extensive future thinking and strategic analysis and planning capabilities. The project plan, research process and final recommendation report were professionally constructed and delivered with considerable sensitivity. I have no doubt we will challenge ourselves to re-think some of our taken-for-granted ways and be more innovative in order to achieve our objectives.”

Ngaire B

Professional Service

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